A husband and wife duo has turned their passion of storytelling into a business

In the regional NSW town of Tamworth, on Kamilaroi country, a husband and wife duo has turned their passion of storytelling into a business.  Gumbaynggir woman, Amy Allerton and husband, Rick Allerton, are the owners of Indigico Creative, a creative communications and design agency that focuses on the heart of story telling.

“We believe that every person every business and every community has an important story to tell – so we use video, photography, web and graphic design to help brand those stories,” Amy said.

Indigico creative are quietly kicking goals and building their business one step at a time. Rick explains their business growth over the past year has been a significant journey.

“We weren’t always Indigico creative. We launched the new business name at the beginning of the year. We’ve really spent time on our vision and the core mission of the business and how we can have a bigger impact on community and society.”

This dynamic duo are using the current stay-at-home time as an opportunity to help businesses thrive online and are focussing on how they can support their clients in any way that they can.

“There was a lot of uncertainly at the beginning when we had video projects that had to be postponed, due to travel and social distancing. But then just over 1 or 2 weeks, enquiries started coming in and we actually started getting new work. It was a great relief. We were very fortunate that we’re in an industry that’s really vital in the current climate – which is online.” Ricky Said.

As a family business, their strong relationship is key to their success. 

Amy said, “We realized that a really key part of the dynamic of our business is that we have each other. We also realize that we’re very fortunate because a lot of businesses don’t have that. I say to other businesses, find that person.”

And Ricky agrees, “We love working together – we work together very well.

Amy’s quiet creative and she knows what she wants to see happen – and I’m the technical support there that helps with that – when we come together we make sure that we’re both clear on what the goal is and where we’re going with the business.”

Amy’s advice for other business owners is to find a good network that you can lean on for support.

“Find people that you can bring in to your circle that you can go to for advice. Just ask other people their story as well. Often hearing other people stories is where we find some nuggets of gold and we can relate to that and take that and use it to guide us. Hearing other stories is important and finding those people was integral to where we are today,” Amy said.

Indigi Co Creative’s goals are to continue to provide a quality service and products that will help their clients grow.

“We don’t have to be large, because a lot can get lost. We feel we’re probably on a more personal scale still and we want to do projects that we really believe in.”

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