About Us

Yarpa is a one-stop-shop for First Nation businesses, industry and community. Our purpose is to strengthen the First Nations Business Sector. We’re making sure leaders and communities collaborate without barriers. No fluff—just hands-on support, robust networks, and resources for real results 


About Yarpa

Yarpa is a partnership between the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) and the Australian Government. 

Established in 2018 under the Indigenous Business Sector Strategy (IBSS), Yarpa is a one-stop-shop for First Nations businesses, industry and community. We build relationships and connect First Nations people to business and employment opportunities across NSW. We empower market leaders to break down barriers to engage effectively with First Nations businesses, communities and people. We provide our members access to a full range of free support services, networks and resources.

Based in Liverpool, our statewide coverage ensures First Nations people have access to their fair share of economic opportunities arising from the once-in-a-generation infrastructure spend. This extensive reach allows us to support and empower First Nations communities throughout NSW, significantly impacting regions that benefit most from these opportunities.


What We Do

At Yarpa, we are driven by a clear vision and purpose aimed at empowering First Nations people and communities. Our approach is not just about growth, but about enabling self-determination and prosperity through enhanced capabilities, meaningful connections, and a deep understanding of culture. We strive to be a comprehensive support system for First Nations individuals and businesses across NSW, dedicated to helping them start, sustain, and expand. We’re not just a service; we’re a partner that walks alongside you every step of the way.

Vision (Why): First Nations people and communities are empowered to thrive and determine their own futures.

Purpose (How): To strengthen the First Nations business sector and contribute to socio-economic prosperity through capability, connection, and culture. 

We empower First Nations people and communities to thrive and determine their own futures. We do this by Strengthening the First Nations business sector and contributing to socio-economic prosperity through capability, connection, and culture. We provide one-stop shop for First Nations people wanting to start, sustain or grow their business in NSW. We believe in walking with you.


Our Values

At Yarpa, our values are the cornerstone of our identity and operations. They define how we interact, make decisions, and ultimately drive our success in supporting the First Nations business sector. Each value is carefully chosen to ensure we uphold our commitment to integrity, collaboration, and meaningful impact. Here are the core values that guide us every day:

Passionate Dedication: Our deep commitment fuels our mission and is our driving force, propelling us to champion the First Nations business sector with unwavering determination.

Relationship-Focused Teamwork: Teamwork goes beyond collaboration; it’s a strategic alliance. Our focus on fostering meaningful relationships forms the foundation for our success.

Truthful Transparency: Transparency underpins our integrity. We operate openly and honestly, building trust through genuine interactions with First Nations businesses, industry partners, and our communities.

Value Creation: Creating value is at the core of Yarpa. We are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement, ensuring that every service and connection contributes tangible value to the First Nations Business Sector.


We Live Our Values

At Yarpa, our values are more than just words—they guide everything we do. Here’s how we live out our commitment to the First Nations business sector and beyond, ensuring our actions consistently reflect our core principles:


At Yarpa, we passionately communicate our values through words and actions, ensuring a shared commitment to the advancement of First Nations businesses, industry, and community through our one-stop-shop, the Yarpa Hub.


Accountability is fundamental at Yarpa, delivering on our promises and reinforcing our values in daily operations as we build relationships and connect First Nations people to business and employment opportunities across NSW.


At Yarpa, we value strong governance and systems that are integral to decision-making ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of services that empower First Nation businesses, community and market leaders. 


 At Yarpa, we celebrate and champion individuals and businesses who embody our values and actively contribute to strengthening the First Nations business sector fostering a positive, values-driven culture.


We Live Our Values

At Yarpa, our values are more than just words—they guide everything we do. Here’s how we live out our commitment to the First Nations business sector and beyond, ensuring our actions consistently reflect our core principles:


The Yarpa Team

At Yarpa, our team is driven by a shared vision and common values. Each member is committed to walking alongside our clients, supporting them at every step of their journey towards starting, sustaining, or growing their business. We are professionals dedicated to making a difference, proud to contribute to the prosperity of First Nations communities across NSW.


Acting Director & Industry Relationships Manager
With close to two decades of experience devoted to advancing and empowering First Nations communities, Shannon brings a wealth of expertise to her role as an Industry Relationships Manager dedicated to the economic progression of First Nations people. 
  • Strategic Partnerships 
  • Economic Empowerment 
  • Building Trust and Respect 


Business Services Manager
With a background as an accomplished Strategic Advisor and Senior Project Manager with extensive experience in health and community sectors, Jess’s background spans primary, tertiary, and community roles, showcasing successful collaborations to drive positive change.  
  • Strategic Collaborations 
  • Team and Client Management 
  • Stakeholder Relationship Building


Business Coach
Bringing over 20 years of diverse business acumen, Jes has a rich career spanning hospitality and the international travel industry, including supporting travel agencies across the country and managing operations in Yulara (APY Lands, NT).  
  • Exceptional Customer Experiences 
  • Business Support and Operations 
  • Adaptable Problem Solving 


Business Coach
Wayne Metters, boasting three decades of dedicated experience as a seasoned business coach within the finance industry, enriches the Yarpa Hub team with a multifaceted career. His extensive background encompasses business coaching, financial acumen, and stakeholder empowerment, providing valuable insights for the team’s success. 
  • Business Coaching 
  • Financial Acumen 
  • Stakeholder Empowerment 


Business Coach
Dylan brings a wealth of expertise to Yarpa Hub with a rich professional background in insurance, business, and marketing at esteemed organisations like Google. His diverse experiences uniquely qualify him to provide tailored support to business owners, drawing from his personal understanding of entrepreneurial challenges and aspirations.
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Development 
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures


Employment Relationships Specialist
With a background spanning horticulture, hospitality, and community services, Angela excels in fostering meaningful relationships and promoting sustainable community growth. to assist you in your professional journey.  
  • Relationship Building 
  • Community Growth Strategies 
  • Cross-Industry Collaboration 


Multimedia Officer
Jasmin showcases her skills acquired through roles in social media marketing, project management, and brand positioning. With a background in innovative creative marketing agencies, Jasmin contributes a dynamic perspective to the team’s multimedia initiatives.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Brand Positioning


Operations Team Leader
Nicole Tildesley, with over 17 years in the Waste Transport Industry, adds a wealth of expertise to Yarpa Hub’s operations team. Her multifaceted background in operations management, fleet coordination, and entrepreneurial ventures ensures strategic excellence and effective leadership within the team.
  • Operations Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Systems & Automation


Office Coordinator
Brhiannon Ritchie leverages over three years of childcare experience, bringing a fresh perspective to Yarpa Hub. Her passion for supporting and guiding the community aligns seamlessly with the team’s goals, as she contributes expertise in administrative coordination, industry knowledge development, and community support.
  • Administrative Coordination
  • Industry Knowledge Development
  • Community Support


Executive Director | Murrawarri

Westley Trist, our Executive Director, leads the NSW Yarpa Hub team with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, including business acquisitions, project rollouts, and social impact delivery. His strong background in commercial profit-oriented ASX-listed businesses positions him as a guiding force, emphasizing financial freedom and self-determination for Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Business Acquisitions
  • Project Rollouts
  • Social Impact Delivery

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