Dalmarri Introduces Cultural Art Kits

Sydney based Aboriginal culture and art business, Dalmarri, are keeping cultural art accessible by providing customised art kits to their clients. 

Dalmarri owners, Trevor Eastwood and Jason Douglas, are on a mission to make art enjoyable and easy for their clients to get a hold of.  

Jason Douglas said, “We can’t connect through face to face at the moment, so we thought the best way to connect with people and community is to create culture kits that they can do at home. It’s so important to keep culture during these times.”

They provide a variety of kits for their clients with a number of projects they can complete. Some of the kits are canvas based, with a boomerang project, a clap stick or a message stick project. 

“We have everything supplied inside the packs. It has a step by step guide, the storyline to the art so people can connect and understand what they’re painting. There’s also paints, brushes, materials. There’s also a step by step guide that they can follow.”

So far, Dalmarri’s been able to supply art kits to not only individual customers, but schools and corporate organisations. 

“Schools are saying that they don’t want to forget Aboriginal culture. Unfortunately for some of our customers and children, they don’t have access to Wi-fi and laptops, so by having all the info in these kits is a great way for them to start. There’s no time frame as well so they don’t have to do it in one hit.”

And it’s not only children enjoying the kits. 

“We’ve sold a lot to adults as well that can’t get out. They’re stuck at home and they can’t buy the materials with no guidance so it’s great for them as well,” Jason said.

If you’d like to purchase a kit you can reach out to Dalmarri by sending them an email at