Darkinjung man, Chris Burke, sets out to provide finance options for Indigenous businesses

After working in the banking world for a number of years, Chris Burke decided he wanted to branch out on his own. Now he runs his own business as an equipment and commercial finance broker for the Finlease Group. 

Sitting under the Finlease Group, a family owned equipment finance firm, Chris’ business provides Indigenous businesses with finance options to purchase equipment.  

Chris explains that, “If someone was to approach us to finance a truck, we would go to the market and present them with the most attractive opportunity that we can find. We would then see which one is the best option and what’s going to be the best deal. We’re not bound by one particular funder, so we can go to all of them and see which one is the best option.”  

Switching from working in a bank to a business owner was an easy decision for Chris.  

“I enjoyed it in the banks, but I was presented with the opportunity to get involved on this side of the fence, which is far more customer facing. I actually really enjoy being a business owner. I like that your own success is driven by you and you have to work hard to get things done.” 

The type of businesses he’s worked with and helped find finance options for, varies in size and industry. This is one of the reasons why he loves doing what he does. 

“One week you’re helping a sole trader and painter finance a new ute, and you’re changing his life with this new equipment that’s going to carry all his tools. And the next minute you’re out on a mine site in the middle of Singleton financing a massive truck that has wheels bigger than your house. It’s just so fantastic!” 

Although he is physically based in Sydney, NSW, Chris services businesses across the country. His goal at the moment is to connect with as many Indigenous businesses possible and let them know that he is here to help. 

“The goal for me is to get out there more so that people know that there is another option because the more Indigenous businesses I chat to across the country, the more I realise that they don’t know that there are options other than a bank.”

Find out more about Chris and Finlease on his facebook.