Design Fabrication Workshop

UNSW in partnership with Yarpa NSW Indigenous Business and Employment Hub has held its first successful one day design and fabrication workshop for Indigenous creatives.

The workshop specialised in prototyping for start-up ideas, including the design, concept and manufacturing of a product for a target audience.

Gregory Davis, Prototype Manager for the UNSW Makerspace, demonstrated the easy use of modern technology such as laser cutting, 3d printing and water jet cutting.

Workshop participant Summer Naylor said she will use this experience to grow her business.

“I’m excited about growth in the business that I’m working on and seeing what further unpacks.”

All participants were given a chance to create their own designs on the computer then transfer these onto either acrylic or wood.

“It was just great seeing what everyone did. Everyone did something different so that was nice.” Artist, Shalah Johnson shares with excitement.

A crucial part of the workshop was a creative thinking and problem solving session.

The Session was just what participants needed to develop ideas and challenge their perception of a target audience.

“I enjoyed everything about today because it gave me the chance to see a creative side of me that I didn’t know I had. I would love more opportunities like this workshop available for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs because you can do so much with laser cutting. There’s potential for really useful and beautiful products.” Participant, Larteasha Griffen said.

UNSW business school’s Rebecca Harcourt is excited to see more workshops just like this one.

“I thought it was extraordinary that we got to try out these 3D and design making things

 some of the things I vaguely know about but actually have a chance to do them. They’re so simple but so creative and so empowering.

It just really ignites people’s individual and creativity and just to see that entrepreneurship absolutely is about drawing on your own experiences and thinking outside of the box. And also thinking how can we move forward and what are the things that we can test out and bring some confidence to.”