Djiriba Waagura Keeping Culture Alive

On the south coast of NSW, a new venture is bringing culture to life.

Djiriba Waagura, meaning ‘Two Crows’ in the Dhurga Language of the Yuin nation, was founded by Matt Simms, Nigel Millgate and Raymond Timbery.

Since starting the business in November last year, Djiriba Waagura is going from strength to strength, running cultural programs to empower their community.

Nigel Millgate said, “Our main philosophy is empowering not only ourselves but also our people. We want to do that through delivering all aspects of culture on the South coast.”

As a new business, Djiriba Waagura have been quick to build relationships and gain a number of clients. One of their most recent wins is their NDIS Cultural Support Program.

“At the moment we’re running a number of programs where we’re delivering things in schools and we’re working with out of home care services and the NDIS cultural support program. We’re also working with established businesses around the Shoalhaven regions and much more. It’s very exciting.”

With an aim to revitalise and strengthen Aboriginal culture, they develop and deliver multifaceted Aboriginal Culture Programs. So far, they’ve run commercial tours and camps to on Country cultural experiences and education based programs and services.

“We’re not mucking around, we have the ability to change people’s lives. Improve their needs and outcomes of where they want to be.”

With a focus on community, Djiriba Waagura say they’ve been fortunate to develop their programs with the support and strength of their elders behind them.

“We’ve got the best of both worlds. We have to put our best foot forward in a contemporary sense and with our cultural world as well. We’ve got some really great elders like Uncle Paul Gordon, Uncle Sonny Simms and Uncle Laddy Timbery. We’ve got some really strong teachers and that shows in the quality of product that we deliver.”

You can find more about Djiriba Waagura here.