Ending 2020’s Meet the Buyer events with Tender Writing Workshop

The workshop aimed to assist Indigenous business owners in applying for government tenders. A skill needed to be successful in procurement opportunities.

Facilitated by Deb Archbold, the workshop covered various topics around tendering and what it takes to stand out and successfully pitch for a tender.

Deb said, “Today we’ve really talked about all of the aspects of tendering. I think one of the things people want to know is how you can nail a tender.

Firstly, you need to understand what that tender is about and work out if it’s for you. Does it fit with your strengths and capabilities? And can you differentiate yourself compared with others?”

Deb reinforced that tendering takes more than one person to do the job.

“The other thing is to have a team. Tendering is a team sport. Don’t leave it to one person but get others in your business to help you.

Have some good core information about what differentiates you – your elevated pitch – talk about your services and your past experience.”

Corinna Kuntzsch from Dice Contracting, gained immense knowledge from the workshop that she plans on using in her business.

“Thanks Yarpa Hub for organising this fantastic workshop. Deb was an amazing facilitator and I’m taking home hands-on advice that I can directly put into action.”

“The size of the group gave enough room for interaction and for sharing our experiences. It was great to see how everyone is facing the same challenges and what tools we can use to overcome them. I had the opportunity for a one on one feedback session with Deb where she answered all of my business-specific questions and even gave feedback on our capability statement. Definitely the best workshop I’ve attended in a long time.”

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