Indigenous business, Tocomwall, introduces new Covid-19 testing product to assist communities

If it’s one thing Indigenous Business owner, Scott Franks is passionate about, it’s ‘Caring for Country and Community.’ 

As the owner of Indigenous business, Tocomwall, Franks has had a long history of protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage. 

Now, he’s expanded his business to provide a product that can assist in protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

This product is the Covid-19 Antigen Self-test pen.

“Tocomwall is always working in the environmental space. Whilst Covid was evolving, I was always keeping an eye out for solutions. One thing we have in our communities is that we look after our elderly and frail. We bend over backwards.” 

His passion to helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities during the Covid-19 pandemic had Franks working tirelessly to gain TGA approval for his product.

He met this goal in early November and is now ready to get this product on worksites, in communities and in businesses. 

Franks said, “I pushed so hard to get TGA approval to get these products out there. As an Aboriginal business it’s not always about profits. As an Aboriginal person I have a responsibility to my community.”

The product is a 15 minute test with a 95% accuracy rate. 

Franks describes the Covid-19 Antigen Self test pen as fast, reliable and effective. 

“I think it’s an incredibly valuable product and the ultimate goal here is to develop a process so that the broader community can get direct access to it.” 

Franks’ goal is to get his products out to as many Aboriginal communities as possible, by forming partnerships and calling on those in the industry to join him on this journey.

“I do want to impress on industry that we do have a service here to provide some relief for remote communities. This can certainly provide our people with an instrument that will help deal with the effects of Covid-19.”

Find out more about Tocomwall’s new venture on their website: