Indigenous businesses thinking outside the box

For many small businesses, the current health climate has had a massive impact on the way that they run their business.

But two Indigenous catering companies are thinking outside the box and expanding their products and service offering.

Sydney based Indigenous catering company, Plate Events, are now offering a much needed service with home deliveries of essential food.

For Plate Events owner, Matthew Atkins, the last few weeks have been like a rollercoaster ride. But he says, being able to adapt has been crucial to survive in this market.

“When the Prime Minister made his first announcement, within 3 days all of our events and catering for the next 3-4 months were cancelled. We were looking for ways to adapt. Our initial idea was for home catering. But once the next announcement was made to have less contact with people, other restaurants and catering companies swamped the market. So, we adapted again and decided to provide homes with the essentials that they weren’t able to get in the supermarket.”

Matthew’s idea has taken off with people using his service to deliver to their family members in need.

“We’re also getting calls for people to deliver to their grandmas and grandpas. These are people that don’t live anywhere near them. It’s become a service that’s convenient for people as well now.”

Matthew’s quick thinking has got him through the initial tough times and urges other businesses to look at a bigger picture.

“I definitely think it’s crucial for businesses to think outside of the box. We’ve never done this, but it meant adapting. We thought to ourselves what do we have? What can we use to meet the customer’s need? It’s all about supply and demand and adaptability is crucial in this market.”

On the south coast, Indigenous company, Mirritya Mundya have also adapted in these uneasy times.

They opened their online native sweet shop to customers with products such as Wattleseed Brownies, Fingerlime Cheesecake Tarts, Davidson Plum Rocky Road and much more.

Not only are they delivering these native sweets they’re offering curries and other native dishes to nearby customers.

You can find both companies on social media here: and