Industry Capability Network and The Yarpa Hub Team Up To Run Capability Workshop

Indigenous businesses were given an opportunity to work on pitching their services or products in a workshop held by Industry Capability network and the Yarpa Hub.

The one day workshop aimed to assist Indigenous business owners in the creation of a Capability Statement – a tool that can showcase specific information about their business and range of services of they offer.

The capability statement can be a significant aspect of a tender process and could be requested in order for the organisation to verify a business’ abilities and experience to meet project specifications.

The workshop was one in a series of events aimed at supporting Yarpa members before a Meet the Buyer event being held in Penrith in late October.

The participants were given an overview of what and how they can create an elevator pitch to stand out from their competition on the day.

Managing Director at GWS Engineering and Construction, Ashley Raynor said,

“Yarpa workshops are a key role to the success of any Indigenous company, startup or the sustainability for the already working businesses. Yarpa provides  professional resources for suitable roles needed to support Indigenous business growth whilst also allowing a great opportunity to create and find new networks for buyers, and a brother or a sister.”

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