Innovation is key to survival.

With many businesses around the country facing unprecedented challenges in the current market, being innovative is key to survival.

Sydney based Indigenous business, Yamari Ochre signs are doing just that. 

As an operated signage and corporate branding solutions company, Yamari Ochre relies heavily on face-to-face contact with their clients and customers. But in recent times, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), they’ve had to switch up their game plan and their products.

Some of these newly introduced products include hand sanitizers and acrylic COVID-19 shields.

Acrylic shields have been installed in many supermarkets and stores around the country to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19.

With a number of ideas up his sleeve, Yamari Ochre co-owner, Scott Franks, is always watching the market and aiming to meet the demands of his customers and the community.

Scott explained, “If you’re not looking outside of the box, you’re not going to get through these times. This is how we have to operate now. Quick and smart. There are projects we’re doing in the evening to get things done as well.

The idea for the acrylic shields came from a conversation between the two business owners, Ben Browning and Franks after observing the effects of COVID-19 unfold around them.

“We were watching the news when those fights broke out in the supermarkets and we thought what about those working at the checkouts. There’s no protection for them as well. What about the shields? And while we’re at it, why not have a red circle sticker for shoppers spacing with a bit of information on it.

At Yamari Ochre signs, the customers, the community and staff members are at the core of their business.

“If you’re trying to get customers, it has to be for customers. If you’ve got a business and a product that can fix the problem that you can see, get it out there.  

I always say if you don’t have a clear emotional connection in business – you’re not a business. We get up every morning because we love people. We want our customers to come back. It’s about volume and it’s about innovation and saving our customers money,” Scott said.

Keeping his staff employed is the ultimate goal for Yamari Ochre signs during these times and he urges other businesses to do the same.

We need to look after our employees. Without our staff we’re done. They don’t realise how important they are. If we keep our staff through this hump the- loyalties will go through the roof.”