Saretta Fielding Partners with Deco Rug to bring exclusive new Range

Wonaruah artist and Yarpa Indigenous Business Member, Saretta Fielding, continues to amaze us with her incredible artwork and her ability to transform a room with her unique vibrant home décor.

We’ve seen her canvas prints, cushions, fashion pieces and now she’s added rugs to her list.

Saretta has teamed up with renowned carpet company, Deco Rug, to develop an exclusive selection of rugs.

“I have a number of artworks that I’ve done and we’ve been doing a lot of sampling to see which artworks are going to translate well into that rug medium and we’ve come up with these great products,” Saretta said.

One of the positives to come out of the recent global pandemic, is that Saretta has now established an online presence and with her partnership with Deco rug.

“Covid-19 has been an influence for going online with a range of rugs that are now heat printed and stain resistant in 3 different sizes. We’re currently sampling about a dozen different designs and I’ll be working with Deco Rug and they’ll be available online in Europe, America and Australia so that’s an exciting opportunity for us.”

Saretta has quickly become a leader amongst the Aboriginal arts community through the expansion of her products by identifying and utilising supportive partnerships.

Coming from a family of 5 and a large close-knit extended family, connecting with her partners and building relationships was important to Saretta.

“It really feels like a family with Deco rug. We’ve really built a strong relationship. They’ve been to my home studio and had meals with me and met the team. I’ve been able to really connect and build relationships and I think this is really important for businesses going forward in joint ventures that a relationship is established. I feel like their business culture, while they are huge, they’re very much a people first and family community so I feel really great about it.”

Her advice to other Indigenous businesses that would like to create partnerships is to take the time to get to know who you’re doing business with.

“I think at the end of the day it’s about the people who are running and leading the business. They establish their culture and their business ethic and steer what that business looks like and how it operates within the community, whether it be nationally or globally. I think getting to know who you’re going into a joint venture with is really important and understanding their values and vision and being able to have transparent conversations with how you are going to work together and what that looks like and of course relationships are important but also having contracts in place that support that agreement.”

Saretta’s latest work can be found at