Top Knot Carpentry Work with Yarpa to Build Up Indigenous Employment

Australia’s leading carpentry company, Top Knot Carpentry, are on a mission to boost their Indigenous employees.

Working with Yarpa, South’s Cares and Hutchinson’s Builders, Top Knot adapted a new recruitment approach and as a result have now gained two new Indigenous apprentices based in Sydney.

This approach allowed the Indigenous candidates to attend an information session at Top Knot’s Banksmeadow site, followed by a two week working trial.

“It is important for us to create a work environment that is free from discrimination, promotes an understanding of Indigenous culture, and is culturally respectful and inclusive. As a Supply Nation member, we also celebrate successful and profitable relationships between Indigenous businesses and ours, proactively applying this across our supply chain,” said Aisling Mullaney from Top Knot Carpentry.

The working trial gave the candidates an opportunity to find out what it was like to work full-time with Top knot and to ask any questions or seek advice.

“Yarpa worked with us to run a successful group interview session, with 2 apprentices hired as a result. Brody Horsfield and Marc Anthony Lawrence. The feedback so far has been extremely positive both from the apprentices and their mentors.

We are looking forward to seeing both develop in their apprenticeships and forging successful trade careers with our business,” said Aisling.

Yarpa is looking forward to working with more organisations to build up Indigenous employees.