University of New South Wales Indigenous Business Month

Indigenous Business Month has been a major success, with many events held throughout the country. 

One of these events was the University of New South Wales Indigenous Business Month showcase. 

The Yarpa Hub participated in the day by hosting a stall alongside other service providers, Indigenous businesses and programs offered by the UNSW Business school. 

With Indigenous Ingenuity as the theme for Indigenous Business month, there were
also specialised workshops to develop skills and knowledge for Indigenous Businesses and companies wishing to engage in the sector.

These included navigating Indigenous business pathways, intellectual property, design making and tax skills. 

There was also a series of talks hosted by Kristal Kinsela-Christie and Liam Ridgeway which showcased the work being achieved by Indigenous businesses. 

Indigenous Business owner, Corey Grech of Meat Brothers, loved not only networking with possible customers, but other Indigenous businesses as well.  

“I like to engage with other Indigenous businesses. I love the fact that you get to grab a card off them, support them and what they do – that’s kind of been my week this week. That’s been my favourite part.”