5 ways you can build up your Linkedin profile

When it comes to searching for a job or connecting with potential employers, Linkedin could become a powerful tool.

As one of the bigger social media sites, Linkedin is a place where you can showcase your work and achievements.

So how can you make your Linkedin profile stand out?

Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

  1. Showcase your work results

Have you worked on an amazing project that you’d like to share with your potential clients or employers? Linkedin gives you space on your profile to be able to showcase this. On your profile page there is a section where you can feature articles, videos or posts. If you’ve shared a post lately that highlights what you do, you can post the link within this section. This is a great way to share all of the great projects that you’ve been apart of.

  1. Update your Intro and Summary

In the About section, you’ve got the chance to say what it is you do and how enthusiastic you are about your business or career. Your profile is not a resume! But it can really show what impact you’ve had in your career. What major changes or projects you’ve led and how your work has impacted an organisation. You can be as creative as you like and use words to summarise your career  – Share your story!

  1. Recommendations

Recommendations can sometimes be used as your online reference check. We all know that referees can make or break your job application. Linkedin allows you to showcase recommendations in a friendly and simple way to help back up any referees that you may have given. This is more powerful than you think. If a client or employer gives you a recommendation, it shows that you are great to work with and can deliver.

  1. Skills and endorsements

The skills and endorsement section of your profile is a good way for future clients or employers to see what type of skills you can bring to the table. It also gives them an indication of who’s endorsing you and of those skills are relevant to the job that you’ve applied for. So if you haven’t yet, put down what your major skills are and seek endorsements from past employers or clients.

  1. Get active and post

Linkedin may not be Facebook, but it has recently allowed us to post more and engage in content. Whether that be articles, photos, videos, graphic tiles – posting and sharing content will get your profile seen and heard. 

Get started today and land that dream job or client you’ve been searching for!