Reports and Papers

Yarpa 2020 Christmas Wishlist

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family? Check out Yarpa’s Christmas Wishlist, where you can find Indigenous businesses that you can purchase from and support this Christmas. Happy Shopping!

Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit Outcomes Report

The Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit Outcomes Report details the findings from the Yarpa Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit which was held at Warwick Farm in July 2019. This important event brought together leaders from Indigenous Business, Industry and Government to share their experiences and insights into the Indigenous business sector.

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy & Aboriginal Participation in Construction Policy 2019 Review – December 2019

The 2019 Review Report, for the Aboriginal Procurement Policy and Aboriginal Participation In Construction policy, has now been published on Procurepoint.

The Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit: Insights Report – 31 July 2019

The Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit was a unique and collaborative forum bringing together over 100 key stakeholders from the Indigenous business sector, government, corporates and industry to collaboratively look at how Aboriginal businesses can harness the economic opportunities arising across Western Sydney. The Insights Report was developed in the lead up to the Summit to inform participants of the challenges that needed to be met, and what the opportunities are in meeting the Western Sydney demand.

Indigenous Business Breakfast Prospectus – 5 December 2018

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council hosted an Indigenous Business Breakfast on Wednesday, 5th December 2018. The Indigenous Business Breakfast was an opportunity for the Yarpa Hub team to engage with Industry leaders to build momentum into the lead up to the Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit. The Prospectus is an overview of the Yarpa Hub and our ambitions to support a growing and thriving Indigenous business sector.