‘NU Projects’ laying a foundation for Indigenous women in construction

Breaking down barriers and building up women in construction.

This is what Budawang woman, Casey Sayers has set out to do in her company, ‘NU Projects.’ 

Growing up around the construction industry, Casey knew from a young age this was where she wanted to be. 

“I got into the construction industry because my Dad was a builder. He always suggested that I should work in an industry where there weren’t many women, and hopefully in doing so, that would empower more women to do the same. He was always very supportive and believed in me, which helped me believe in myself and my abilities.”

Casey took a leap of faith and started her business in the midst of the global pandemic and since then, hasn’t looked back. 

“I started my own business because I always wanted to work for myself. When COVID first hit, I thought this is the time to do it, have a go, sink or swim. I am very passionate about my business and hope that through NU Projects I can create opportunities for other local Indigenous businesses and of course inspire other women in business. It hasn’t been the easiest journey, but it’s still one I am very grateful for. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the journey I’ve had so far, and to now be running my own business, is a truly amazing feeling.”

Casey’s company, NU Projects, delivers a range of construction services, including commercial fit-outs, refurbishment and construction services within the ACT to both private and Government clients with hopes and intentions to expand the business in 2022. 

NU Projects have completed numerous projects for The Department of Defence in Canberra, ACT. They have also completed projects for other local businesses, Build& and Eighty8 Health Performance, which included construction works at a local school and a new gym fit-out. 

Casey’s advice for other Indigenous businesses starting out in these unprecedented times, is to trust the process. 

“I’ve learnt that it takes patience. And you need to trust the process. I am still learning all the time. It can feel hard and overwhelming at times but when I look back to a little over a year ago when we first started, I feel really proud. I think it is very important to take the time to think about how far you have come and look at what you have achieved, so now when I work I always make sure to list the small wins and not be too hard on myself because there will always be learning curves.”