What Do We Do

The Yarpa Hub is a culturally safe space for Indigenous job seekers and people wanting to develop their career. The Yarpa team will identify and support individual pathways for Indigenous people to expand their opportunities and find meaningful long-term employment with the right guidance and support.

What We Offer

  1. Culture – Yarpa believes in a strengths based model that will enrich individuals identity and pride through culture.

  2. Support – Working alongside our stakeholders supporting their journey to provide the best possible services to Aboriginal people, through improved cultural understanding.

  3. Connection – Providing an online platform accessible to all – Connecting our members to opportunities and resources.
Our skilled team will work alongside our Yarpa Member Partners, supporting a smooth journey from unemployment to employment and further career development.Yarpa will not duplicate current service provision – Yarpa will enhance the experience for all through the provision of support services and access to opportunities and resources.
These services will include:
  • Membership – providing access to the Yarpa Members portal providing a Career pathway to Employment and Training Opportunities, Personal Development Workshops, and the development of a personalised Professional Career Profile

  • Access  – to the services that best meet your needs, goals and aspirations

  • Support  – to Employment Service Providers – to connect with communities and deliver services to Aboriginal people with culture as a core value.

  • Connection  – to the right opportunities to the right people by keeping at the forefront of the supply and demand chain.

  • Communication  – Providing and maintaining an accessible portal to relay information to our Members and partners.

Get in touch with us today to connect with a Yarpa Employment Coach: