‘Deadly Start-Up’ Program brings ideas to life

Participants in an entrepreneurship program for First Nations young people presented their business ideas for the first time to Yarpa business coaches and Industry leaders.  

The ‘pitch’ was an exercise in the “Start-Up Deadly” program facilitated by Leticia Quince and her team of mentors from Leticia Anne Designs. 

Leticia said, “I think the pitches were amazing and deadly, and the young people we have on board in the program are exceptional in their business mindset and creative concepts. They have more to offer than what they’re learning now because they have the strength and resilience that our people hold and the entrepreneurial spark that takes businesses to another level.” 

In the program, Aboriginal young people delve deeper into their business idea and learn what steps were needed to take their idea to market. 

Over five months, participants will work on their concepts and turn them into viable businesses. The program has participants from Canberra, Sydney and Cessnock. 

16-year-old, Natarlia, has big dreams of creating a unique cafe that is a safe space for all young people. She presented her idea to the room with a 3D digital model to showcase her idea. 

She said, “I was so nervous I was shaking the whole time, but everyone was so nice. The feedback was good, and it was great getting my idea out there. The 3D model took an hour and a half to make and decorate. I was proud of what I got out of the program.” 

Find out more about the program by reaching out to Leticia Anne Designs