BESIX WATPAC Industry Briefing

Indigenous businesses were given the opportunity to pitch their business and learn about the Barangaroo Metro Station Project at an industry briefing for BESIX Watpac hosted at the Yarpa Hub.

The event attracted Indigenous businesses from a range of industries including, civil construction, civil transport, waterproofing, engineering, scaffolding and archaeology. 

Yarpa Industry & Relationships Manager, Westley Trist said, “Today’s Industry briefing was about introducing some of our Aboriginal business members to the project managers out at BESIX Watpac and give them an opportunity to talk about the project themselves and how they could possibly be involved in some of the project scope of works.” 

One of the businesses at the event was Indigenous transport company, Kangaroo Transport & Haulage. Owner, Corey Carr enjoyed the information session and discussions that took place. 

“It was a good turn-out. Good topics, good questions and good answers. So hopefully it’ll be a project with a big Indigenous spend and involvement and I look forward to it.” 

This excitement was echoed by fellow Indigenous business owners Kathy Smith and Justin Brownbill from On country Hire. 

Brownbill said, “It was really good. Very informative. The Nuts & Bolts of what the project is going to deliver was there so we actually know what’s in the scope of works.” 

BESIX Watpac and Yarpa established an MOU last year and since then have been working towards creating an event where they can connect with Indigenous businesses. 

Project Manager, John Maddock said, “The purpose of today for us is to start the interaction with Indigenous business to create that connection earlier in the piece, with tendering in particular the Barangaroo project. We know that engagement is important in this space and we’ve worked very closely in the last 18 months with the Yarpa Hub to create a good rapport with Yarpa to create the connection with businesses. Today was a good example of us being able to create that connection and from the discussions I’ve just had post the presentation, it was very positive.” 

Yarpa & BESIX Watpac will continue to work together to create more opportunities for Indigenous businesses.