Content Creation for Indigenous Business Owners

As Indigenous business owners, it can be a tedious task to stay on top of marketing your products and services! Whether we love to do it or not, marketing plays a big part in getting your business out there in the world for everyone to see! We thought we’d put together these 6 easy steps to create content for your marketing efforts to get you started.

1. Assess

First step in your content creation plan is assessing where content could improve experience, value and profitability. What this means is looking at different types of marketing content and media such as videos, photos or graphic tiles that can really showcase your product. An example of this could be a small video that showcases what your product can do and how it can make the customer or client’s life easier.

2. Brainstorm

Next step is brainstorming different types of content and topics that were identified in the first step. Write a huge list of what content you are able to do easily and at little to no cost. You can put some bigger ideas in there as well if your budget permits. Most of the time, coming up with content that can be done on your smartphone or by a friend can be easily created and work just as well as something you would spend a big budget on.

3. Map out a content plan

Once you’ve done a list of all the content ideas you’ve come up with, work out a plan. Sort out what days/weeks and times you’d like to post and frequency of these posts and what marketing platforms you’d like to use. Those could be social media, newsletters, door to door service or even attending community events. Whatever the platform or setting, have a plan that ensures you’re consistent and the content you’re putting out will reach your customers/clients.

4. Promote content on different platforms

This is the step where you start putting your plan in action. You start sending out those newsletters, posting that ‘podcast’ or posting on social media.

5. Maintain – update content if its not performing. Keep it fresh and relevant

It’s so important that you keep all of your content up to date, fresh and relevant to your customer’s needs and wants. If you have a change in your product or service, make sure you update any of your content. This is extra important when it comes to the main sources that people find out about your company – like your website or social media. If you’ve added an extra service offering or another product to your business, make sure you have added this to your website so that your customers know exactly what you provide.

6. Reporting – analyse what worked and what didn’t for the future

A lot of people forget this step, but it’s just as important than the others that come before it. Analysing what worked could mean looking at whether or not the content led to more sales. However you’d like to measure the success in this part of the process is up to you. It will highly influence your efforts and content for any future marketing.

Hopefully these 6 steps will get you started and on the road to creating great quality and consistent content to market your products and services!

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