Eather Group Breaking Ground

Monday 02, Sep 2019

A Western Sydney Indigenous Business is breaking new ground in the transport, earthmoving and construction industry and has now become Supply Nation certified.

Eather Group has been in business for almost ten years and for Managing Director, Peter Eather, becoming Supply Nation certified will open up more opportunities for growth and giving back to the community. 

“The Supply Nation certification has given us that little bit more of an edge. For us, with any opportunity that is created with the Supply Nation certification – we want to pass those opportunities through to our employees, up skill and create other opportunities for them.

“We’ll definitely be targeting our internal Aboriginal participation as well as other diverse employment targets like female and different age groups. We want to see the benefits of that go back into the community.”

Supply Nation is Australia’s biggest and most high profile directory for Indigenous businesses and is the first point of call for government procurement officers looking to fulfil their target under the Indigenous Procurement Policy. 

Eather Group Manager, Sally-ann Eather,  urges all Indigenous business owners to be proactive in their exposure and network. 

“Business is hard, so any type of exposure is amazing. When businesses join associations and networking, it’s really putting yourself out there. I think all Indigenous businesses should register.”

As a family business, their experience has been unique. 

Managing Director, Peter Eather said, “Having a family business has had its ups and downs but I try to prove every one wrong. Of course you have your hiccups but we pull through and we’re still kicking.” 

Eather Group prides itself on maintaining an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to all their practices.  

Their services include transport, earthmoving, material supply and disposal, crushing and screening services. 

Next steps for Eather Group is to work toward the International Standards Organisation registration. 

Sally Ann said, “For the management side, we’re looking to get the International standardisation of our processes. I think for us, that’s our next step to grow our business and step up our game even more.”

“For us, we have our surname in our business name and that’s a real pride thing. We want to make sure we run our business ethically and sustainably and we want to create a lasting impression because that’s our name.”