Generate Interiors Designs New Space for Indigenous Preschool

An Indigenous preschool in Sydney has been given a fresh new design by Yarpa Grow graduate and Indigenous business, Generate Interiors.

Based in Alexandria, Sydney, Wanunbiri preschool is a community-based preschool that provides early education to Aboriginal families that live in the inner city. Generate Interiors was selected as part of a team with Indigenous builder, BY Group.

Generate Interiors Director, Jamie Wanless said, “The design and delivery team on the project were 75% Aboriginal-owned businesses, which is fantastic.”

The preschool required a design for two classrooms to accommodate up to 39 children. The preschool has two classrooms, a large outdoor space for children to play, support spaces for staff, including a meeting room, a staff room, a kitchen and store-rooms.

There are very few Aboriginal designers with my experience and expertise currently practicing today so the opportunity for Aboriginal businesses to work with an Aboriginal designer on projects like this is rare.

“It feels great as a designer to be able to create a space which makes the children feel at home and which provides them a sense of ownership over the space. The design incorporates Aboriginal colours throughout. The classroom spaces are light, bright and fresh and have a strong connection to the outside providing lots of natural light. Light timber joinery has been included in the space to incorporate natural materials and compliment the bright and fresh palette. The outdoor area is colourful and creates a fun, safe and stimulating play space for the children.”

This isn’t the only project that Generate Interiors has been working hard on. They’ve also just completed new work with the Australian Taxation Office. This project required an office fit out.

Wanless’ advice to other Indigenous businesses is to, “Back yourself every step of the way. no matter how difficult things get. If you continue to move forward and stay focused on your vision, backed by self-belief, you can achieve your goals.

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