Spotlight on Yarn’n Aboriginal Employment Service

13 years ago, Yarn’n Aboriginal Employment Service was set up to change the lives of Aboriginal job seekers.

Since then, they’ve continued to find meaningful long-term employment for Aboriginal job seekers across the country.

At Yarn’n, their way of assisting their applicants is not like your average recruitment company.

Yarn’n VTEC Manager, Michael Dunstone said, “When it comes to Indigenous recruitment, it’s multifaceted. It’s not as simple as just finding people a role. There are so many other responsibilities that you take on as an Aboriginal person and working with the Aboriginal community. It’s about helping people with housing, sometimes it’s helping people with setting up a bank account, we help people do their tax and we help people get loans. The list goes on.”

With many successful applicants placed into employment over the years, Yarn’n attributes their success to their family-like service.

Dunstone explains, “We try to keep in touch with our candidates wherever they are placed. From the government’s standpoint, six months is what you’re supposed to mentor them for, but sometimes with Aboriginal people, there’s no such thing as six months. It’s an ongoing permanent kind of thing. We have a very long-lasting connection with our candidates.”

Looking back over the past 13 years, Yarn’n has achieved a lot. They’ve helped thousands of applicants kickstart their careers, advocated for increased traineeship wages, introduced processes that assist those with criminal records and formed strong partnerships with employers.

“We’ve got so invested in organisations that they almost see us as their recruitment arm. We see them as an extension of our business and so it’s about that connection with both the employers and the community.”

Yarn’n prides itself on working hard to achieve the best results.

“People just know that if you come to Yarn’n you’ll get a job. They’re not going to muck around in there. There’s no ‘to and fro.’ If you want a job, we’ll find you a job.”

“No one will ever come here and feel like this person’s above you or that person’s above you. You’ll always have an equal chance when it comes to recruitment with Yarn’n.”

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