Yarpa Grow Businesses from Intake 2 Graduate

After a tough year learning and growing their business through a pandemic, Yarpa Grow participants from intake 2, were finally able to graduate. 

Despite disruptions throughout the program, the businesses have pushed through all barriers and completed all modules of the program. 

An online graduation was held last week to give the participants an opportunity to pitch their business to potential clients and share their learnings from the program. 

Yarpa Hub Director, Westley Trist started the graduation by commending the participants on their resilience through the program. 

Westley said, “The fact that you’ve done the program in the environment that you’ve done it in is quite a testament to your own drive. We can walk away with confidence knowing that you’re going to do very well for yourself.”

Program participant and owner of Banabi Water, Alan Daly, said the program gave him the tools he needed to take his business to the next level. 

Alan said, “Being a part of Yarpa Grow forced me to think about what the business is and where it’s going and without Yarpa Grow I wouldn’t be where I am with this project.” 

At the beginning of the program, Leticia-Anne Quince, owner of Leticia Anne Designs, set out a number of goals to complete, but with her drive and ambition, completed her 2-year plans in one. 

Leticia said, “At the beginning of Yarpa Grow, I was so fresh. I wanted to be able to have a program that will be able to support other young people to come into business. I also wanted other first nations people working for me as well. Fast forward to January – 5 months later – I already achieved those 1 to 2 year goals.”

“It’s been amazing to know that I’ve been able to create that space – a lot of it was word of mouth – connection to community and networking.”

Yarpa Hub Business & Employment Manager, Jasmine Ryan said the calibre of the businesses that came through intake 2 of the program were tremendous. 

“This particularly running of Yarpa Grow was a bit different to the first one – because of the unexpected circumstances that was. It really is amazing to see the graduates that we saw come through. They’re fantastic businesses and I can’t wait to see how far they can really go with their business growth.